What to Consider Before Renting a Party Bus for Prom

A prom is a huge milestone in the life of any teenager. It not only marks the moment when you complete a huge part of your education, but also gives you a chance to dress up and spend a great evening with your classmates.

Renting a party bus in Phoenix, AZ is an amazing way to make your prom even more memorable. But wait, what are party buses and why should you rent one? What’s the purpose of a party bus, anyway? Where can a party bus take you, and what’s the legal age to get onboard a party bus?

In this article, we’ll answer some of these common party bus questions. We’ll also give you a few party bus renting tips, such as what you can expect in a party bus and where to find a company that provides the finest party bus services. Read on!

How old do you have to be to take a party bus to prom?

There are no hard rules that govern how old you have to be to ride onboard a party bus. Party bus rental companies generally agree that people who can legally enter the venue the party bus is going to are also allowed to enter the bus.

In other words, teenagers can have a party bus take them to prom, but they aren’t allowed to enter a party bus that’s headed someplace where only legal adults (21+ years of age) can go, such as one of the nightclubs in Encanto, Phoenix.

Can you drink on a party bus?

Party buses aren’t exempt from the standard alcohol and tobacco laws. People who are 21 years old or older are therefore allowed to drink on a party bus. In some states, if minors are present on the bus, a person who is 25 years old or older must ride along to ensure the minors do not consume alcohol.

It goes without saying that the chauffeur absolutely cannot consume any alcohol while on duty. A trusted party bus rental company will always observe all the relevant safety laws to ensure its clients get to their destination without incident.

What extra features should a good party bus have?

A party bus is a specially equipped vehicle that’s designed to make its passengers feel like they’re inside a mobile night club. For this reason, it’s equipped with all the fun features that a premium night club should have.

These features include:

  • Extra-comfy leather seats.
  • Powerhouse sound systems.
  • Laser and strobe illumination.
  • A dancing floor.
  • Flat screen displays.
  • Shiny bars outfitted with snacks and drinks.

How many people can ride onboard a party bus?

There’s no law that determines how many people can fit in a party bus. That being said, every vehicle has a legal limit on how many passengers may ride in it at the same time. This number is typically the same number as the number of seats a vehicle has, but different rental companies have different rules.

The best way to avoid confusion and guesswork is to give your party bus rental company a call and ask them to clarify.

Where can you rent the coolest party bus in Phoenix, AZ?

Here at AZLIMO.COM, we believe that a prom night is one of the most important nights of any young adult’s life, which is why we’ll do our best to make yours 100% unforgettable.

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Party Bus Questions: Is Drinking Allowed?

Party buses in Phoenix are vehicles that have been customized to serve as mobile nightclubs. This means that they aim to offer the full deal: music, light shows, dancing, snacks, and of course, booze. After all, it wouldn’t be very much like a nightclub if you couldn’t drink in a party bus!

In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the great things you can do on your party bus, and answer popular questions such as whether smoking is allowed and if you’re allowed to bring food on your party bus.

Keep reading to learn more.

What should you bring along for an unforgettable party bus rental?

Quality party bus rental companies will generally outfit their vehicles with everything their passengers need to have a great time. No reputable party bus service will ever send you a vehicle that doesn’t have a bar that’s fully equipped with alcoholic drinks and snacks.

That being said, there are things you may want to consider bringing along, especially if you’re taking a longer trip on-board the bus and are worried that you or one of your party-goers may become sick or hungry.

These things include:

  • Extra food
  • Water bottles
  • Dry snacks in case someone gets an upset stomach
  • CDs or flash drives full of your favorite music
  • DVDs, CDs, or USB drives filled with videos you may want to watch during the ride

Are you allowed to drink on a party bus?

Alcohol consumption laws in Arizona prohibit any person younger than 21 years of age, and, therefore, not legally considered an adult, from consuming alcoholic beverages. People who are 21 years old or older are allowed to drink onboard a party bus same as if they were in a nightclub.

In some cases, minors may be allowed in a party bus if there’s an older adult present who can prevent them from drinking alcohol, or if the party bus’ destination is someplace where minors are otherwise allowed to enter.

Needless to say, the party bus chauffeur is absolutely not allowed to consume alcohol while on duty. After all, there’s nothing more important than the safety of party bus passengers and their secure arrival at their destination.

Can you smoke on party bus?

Whether cigarettes and other tobacco-using products, such as shishas and cigars, are allowed in a party bus depends on the policy of the rental service. Because of this, there’s no universal answer to this question. It’s best to contact the rental company and ask.

As for cannabis, the answer is: definitely not. Arizona’s strict marijuana laws allow marijuana possession only to individuals who have been prescribed medicinal marijuana by their physicians. Anyone else who’s caught using or carrying weed will likely face felony charges.

It goes without saying that no trusted party bus rental service would ever allow its passengers to consume illegal substances onboard their vehicles. Any company that offers such discretion is highly suspect and should be avoided.

Where can you rent the finest party buses in Phoenix?

Are you planning an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party? Maybe you’re going to a distant festival or nightclub? Or perhaps your big wedding day is coming and you want to ensure you and your beloved arrive at the party in style?

If so, AZLIMO.COM party buses are exactly the transportation you need. Located a short distance from the Coronado High School, we are a first-rate party bus and limo rental service in Phoenix. Our vehicles are operated by superbly trained and highly experienced chauffeurs who will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

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Where Should You Go on a Party Bus?

So, you’ve heard about all the wonderful fun you can have in a top-quality Phoenix party bus and you’ve decided to book one for yourself and your friends. Excellent decision! Not only are party buses extremely fun and memorable, but they’re also an amazing way to show up to an event in style.

But wait, exactly where should you go on your party bus? The short answer would be: the sky’s the limit! Reputable party bus services will do their best to fulfil your wishes and give you the experience you desire.

Where can a party bus take you?

Great places to go onboard a party bus include:

  • Weddings
  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Night clubs
  • Pool parties

What do you do on a party bus?

A party bus is a specially equipped transportation vehicle that’s designed to help its passengers have a great time and arrive safely at whatever location they choose. A quality party bus is outfitted with a number of extra systems that make this possible.

These additional features include:

  • Top-notch sound systems so you can listen to your favorite songs.
  • Cutting-edge flat screen TVs that play anything you want.
  • Various connectivity options that include Bluetooth, BluRay, DVD, etc.
  • Light shows and intimate lightning like what you’d find in high-end nightclubs.
  • Dance floors for when you want to show your moves.
  • Illuminated bars equipped with snacks and alcoholic drinks.
  • Comfy leather seats and an interior that smells, feels, and looks luxurious.

Can you get drunk on a party bus?

We’ll answer the question of is alcohol permitted on a party bus with another question: did you ever attend a fun party that didn’t involve at least some alcohol? Yeah, neither did we.

In other words, not only are you allowed to consume alcohol on a party bus, but the party buses themselves invariably carry well-supplied bars that provide the passengers with both beverages and tasty snacks.

Is anyone allowed onboard a party bus?

No. Party buses are essentially mobile nightclubs. This means that, in many states, anyone who’s prohibited from entering a nightclub is also barred from embarking on a party bus. Therefore, the general minimum age to be allowed on a party bus is 21 years.

That being said, individuals younger than 21 may be allowed to enter if the bus’s destination is some place where people who aren’t legal adults can otherwise access.

Is it safe to ride on a party bus?

As long as you make sure you’re using a reputable party bus rental company in Phoenix, you can rest assured that party buses are extremely safe. This is because trusted party bus services take extensive measures to keep their clients safe and follow the relevant Arizona DOT guidelines.

They implement safety measures that include modern vehicles that boast extensive security features, as well as employing highly trained drivers with years of experience. In some states, if people younger than 21 are allowed onboard, companies will also supply older individuals whose job is to ensure that minors do not consume alcohol.

Items to take with you on a party bus

  • CD or USB stick that contains your favorite music.
  • A bottle of water (especially on longer rides).
  • Extra snacks are never a bad idea.
  • CD, DVD, or USB sticks loaded with fun videos to watch.

A first-rate Phoenix party bus service is at your fingertips

Located near the Scottsdale Stadium, AZLIMO.COM is the premier party bus rental company in Phoenix. We boast a top-of-the-line service that aims to maximize the fun you have while also ensuring your and your guests’ absolute safety.

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Why Party Buses are Great and Why You Should Rent One

Party bus rentals in Phoenix, AZ are specially customized transportation vehicles to accommodate up to twenty people. Quite simply, you should rent a party bus if you want to take a ride onboard a vehicle that’s literally been converted into a mobile nightclub.

If you’ve never heard of party buses before, this probably raises a lot of questions. Where should you go on a party bus? Is this type of transportation secure? Is drinking permitted onboard a party bus?

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more. Read on.

How to throw an unforgettable party?

Of the many things you can do to make a party truly unforgettable, novelty is by far the most reliable and memorable one. After all, people love to experience new things, or to enjoy their usual passions in a different environment.

So how can you take a regular bachelor or birthday party and turn it into a unique experience? Why, make it mobile! Laugh with your friends and dance to your favorite songs onboard a party bus that cruises through the most impressive parts of Phoenix, before delivering you to a destination of your choice. How’s that for a memorable party?

What do party buses include?

Of course, modern party buses are fully equipped with all the alcohol and snacks you could possibly need. Just remember that, while legal adulthood isn’t needed to enter a party bus, people less than 21 years of age are not allowed to drink alcohol.

Specialized party bus amenities include:

  • Disco floors for the dancers among us.
  • Powerful sound systems that can blast your favorite songs.
  • Different connectivity options such as BluRay, Bluetooth, DVD, and so on.
  • Super-comfortable leather seats that look, smell, and feel good.
  • Laser and strobe illumination and LED light shows that mimic nightclub lightning.
  • Illuminated bars that carry various snacks and, of course, cooled booze.
  • Quality flat screen TVs that play whatever you like.

What is the purpose of a party bus?

The goal of a party bus rental company is to ensure its clients have a great time while traveling to a destination such as a party, wedding, nightclub, or festival. The entire service is built with the goal of helping people have even more fun during their night out or during happy occasions such as birthday parties.

More importantly, party buses are specifically designed to transport larger groups of people who may be tipsy or otherwise relaxed and not on full alert. Which brings us to our next question.

Are party buses safe?

Absolutely. We could even go a step further and say that party buses are one of the safest ways for groups of people to unwind and enjoy themselves, without having to worry about transportation or how much alcohol they drink.

In fact, a party bus is probably the safest way to get around Phoenix for large groups of people. After all, you’re being driven by licensed, vetted, and background-checked professional chauffeurs who know the city like the back of their hand.

Despite their festive look, the party buses are also equipped with top-of-the-line security measures and designed to be as sturdy as possible. It goes without saying that they’re also well-maintained at all times and thoroughly tested at a regular basis.

Arrive in style with our first-rate party bus rentals in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you’re attending a wedding out of town or you’re going to one of the many phenomenal nightclubs in Central City, Phoenix, renting a party bus for the occasion is a fantastic way to spice things up.

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