What Are the Best Places to Visit in Arizona?

Arizona is rarely the first state that springs to mind when U.S. tourism is mentioned, but it’s actually one of the most popular destinations in the Americas. This great popularity stems both from its many natural beauties and its multitude of people-made attractions such as the famous Arizona Celebration of Lights.

And while taking part in one of the wonderful holiday light tours Phoenix has to offer is an excellent way to spend a vacation, you’d be robbing yourself if you ignored the other wonderful attractions in Arizona, not to mention the many other great things you can do in Phoenix.

Read on to learn more about Arizona tourism, and how having a reputable bus and limo service that observes the correct highway safety regulations can make your trips both safer and more pleasant.

What natural beauties is Arizona famous for?

Where should we even start? Although it may seem like a desert at a glance, Arizona is actually full of truly incredible geological formations that are either extremely rare or completely unique to the region. Combined, these features give the state a certain rugged beauty that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Some of the many legendary Arizona landmarks include:

  • The Grand Canyon is a natural marvel that stretches 277 miles from end to end. Its rocky walls descend more than a mile to the canyon’s floor where the Colorado River flows swiftly to the southwest. It truly is something you should see at least once in your lifetime.
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is an area famous for its surreal sandstone towers, not to mention the unique way the landscape is bathed in dramatic and mesmerizing light.
  • Kartchner Caverns State Park boasts the world’s longest stalactite formation. This complex of limestone caves was discovered in 1974. Its many remarkable features include impressive stalactites and stalagmites, as well as awe-inspiring minerals and a healthy bat population.
  • Sedona Red Rock Formations are an array of red sandstone formations that have become legendary for the way a rising or setting sun makes them look like they’re glowing with red or orange light.
  • Petrified Forest National Park contains the world’s biggest and most vibrantly colored assemblies of historic structures, petrified wood, and archaeological sites.

What are the most interesting historical attractions in Arizona?

In addition to its numerous natural beauties, Arizona also boasts a large number of historical and archaeological attractions, some of which date to prehistory. Aside from their educational value, many of these places are gorgeous in their own right.

Historical places you should visit in Arizona include:

  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
  • Montezuma Castle National Monument
  • Montezuma Well
  • Agua Fria National Monument
  • Casa Malpais Archeological Park
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument
  • Lost Dutchman State Park
  • Honanki Heritage Site
  • Coronado National Memorial
  • Fairbank Ghost Town
  • Goldfield
  • San Jose de Tumacacori
  • Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
  • Fort Bowie National Historic Site

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