Best Practices of Corporate Car Services during the Pandemic

Best Practices of Corporate Car Services during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic limited travel and social dealings in the past year. For everyone’s health and safety, most meetings and get-togethers were scheduled online rather than in-person. As the world slowly heals from Covid-19, more situations are going back to business as usual. 

However, securing the public’s safety while traveling continues to be vital. Keeping a safe distance from people and crowded areas made private transportation more popular, ride-sharing and personal car services became the favored options. 

How do we keep safe during trips in this current health crisis? Read on to see top corporate car service company, AZ Limo of Phoenix, Arizona’s best practices in keeping their cars and clients, most especially safe. 

1. Vehicle Sanitation

Before and after each client trip, vehicles should go through a thorough cleaning and disinfection. AZ Limo’s fleet of cars goes through a precise process to ensure that they are sanitized properly for each trip. 

  • Use of proper equipment and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants that are proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria and germs, including coronaviruses.
  • Focus thorough cleaning and sanitizing on frequently touched surfaces, including seats, head and armrests, door handles, windows, switches, and seatbelts.
  • Wipe down as a final touch to ensure total coverage disinfection and remove chemical residue and lingering odors. 

2. Chauffeur Hygiene

When working with corporate clients, chauffeurs should uphold high standards of professionalism and reliability. Professional car service companies like AZ Limo train and vet their chauffeurs, to maintain the best possible level of service. On top of this, AZ Limo also implemented safety policies for their chauffeurs as prescribed by the CDC. 

  • Personal hygiene practices should be implemented, including the following: proper handwashing between each ride or stop, wearing a mask that covers both the mouth and lips fully, never touching facial orifices (eyes, nose, mouth, and ears)
  • No physical contact with the passengers for any reason. Instead of handshakes, bowing, or other non-contact gestures of greeting is preferred. 
  • Chauffeurs sign waivers before each service as proof that they have followed and will continue to follow the required health and safety protocols. 
  • Chauffeurs exhibiting symptoms or test positive from Covid-19 are immediately removed from future service and may only return once they present a physician’s clearance. 

3. Additional Safety Procedures

Aside from maintaining clients’ safety through vehicle sanitation and hygiene practices, other usual services are also altered.

  • Passengers, including the chauffeur, should be seated as far apart as the seating configuration allows. Passengers are not allowed to sit beside the chauffeur.
  • Provide disinfectant wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizers to clients and passengers.
  • Chauffeurs wipe down items of luggage and other personal effects of clients and passengers before stowing them away. 

Travel Safely with AZ Limo!

If you need to travel in these unpredictable times, no need to fret and worry. With AZ Limo, you can enjoy a transportation service designed to provide you with maximum safety and convenience. When you choose AZ Limo, you can be assured that they will take steps to ensure that all your requests are expedited with efficiency and ease, allowing you to focus on your business endeavors. To book their services for your travel in Phoenix, AZ, visit their website, send an email to, or call them at  (480) 635-8887.