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Why I Should Rent a Charter Bus for My Next Group Travel

mini charter bus rental near meNothing makes traveling more exciting and memorable than the people you share it with. Whether you’re planning to embark on a long-distance trip with your best friends or go to a family gathering to a nearby lake, the time spent on the road will be even more authentic if you pick a charter bus in Scottsdale. What’s more, if you rent both the bus and the driver, your group travel will be much easier and more enjoyable. And the only thing you need to turn your group travel into a spectacular adventure is to browse for a “mini charter bus rental near me”!

Affordability is certainly a plus!

Traveling with a group brings you a great advantage – the ability to split the bill. Renting a charter bus is one of the most cost-effective transportation options, helping you avoid unnecessary costs, such as parking fees or hidden airline charges. For a larger group and a somewhat different experience, you can even opt for a party bus near you. Even though party bus prices in Arizona might be heftier, it’s still an affordable solution for individuals who want to start partying right away.

Is a mini charter bus rental near me a reliable solution?

You no longer have to worry about unnecessary delays or last-minute cancellations. You don’t have to spend hours getting on and off trains and buses, or get stuck in a traffic jam just because of an inexperienced taxi driver who doesn’t know how to avoid it. You and your fellow travelers can choose a mini charter bus, sit back and enjoy the most reliable ride you’ve ever had. Your charter bus will be prepared specifically with your group in mind and you’ll get a driver who really knows how to deal with traffic challenges.

Safety is not an issue

Getting into a car or bus with someone is a major decision even if you’re not aware of it. You’re actually putting your life in someone’s hands, so you should be completely sure that that person is experienced and licensed. “What do I get by booking a mini charter bus rental near me?” you might wonder. Actually, you’re  picking one of the safest means of transportation, as your drivers will have passed a thorough assessment and comprehensive training. Also, you don’t have to worry about unwanted guests because only you and your group will have access to the charter bus.

Flexibility and comfort describe your travel

From the moment you and your fellow travelers enter your charter bus to the moment you leave it, you’ll be able to spend your trip the way you want to. You don’t have to deal with paying road tolls or trying to figure out the shortest route to your destination. Instead, you can listen to your favorite band as you admire the passing scenery. You can catch up with a family member you haven’t seen in ages. You can even sit back and have a nap, recharging your batteries before your big event.

Mini charter bus near me for a trip of a lifetime? That’s got to be AZ Limo!

Where can you get a reliable service that guarantees safety? How can you start your journey the right way? Who can meet all of your transportation needs? There’s one simple answer to all of these questions – AZLIMO.COM! Regardless of the type of event you’re attending, AZLIMO.COM is here to ensure that you arrive at your destination. We always deliver on our promises: comfort and safety rolled into one! Call us today and let us prove it!

Rent a Bus with Driver: A Guide to Charter Bus Rentals

rent a bus and driverTransportation is a major part of a traveling adventure, especially if you’re going on a long-distance trip. With the right transportation vehicle, you can look forward not only to your destination, but also to the very process of getting there. Going for comfortable Scottsdale charter buses will allow you to enjoy an atmosphere of luxury, style and comfort on the road, which will truly enrich your experience. There are many reasons why you should rent a charter bus, from affordability to safety. However, before you rent a bus with driver, you should learn more about charter bus rentals.

Rent a bus with driver for different events and travelers

Charter buses are suitable for numerous occasions and they are typically rented by a group of people. Renting a transportation vehicle can make your business travel easier and more enjoyable, so companies and corporate planners typically book charter buses for various business events, from conferences to meetings. You can rent a transportation vehicle for a family outing, sports events or school excursions.  If you’re going to a concert with friends, stick to the charter bus and enjoy the ride or kick it up a notch by going for an affordable party bus. So many choices!

Be mindful of the group size

The number of your fellow travelers will affect which charter bus you’ll get. If you’re traveling with a group of 36 to 60 people, you should book a typical charter bus that has around 56 seats. If you want to rent a vehicle for a smaller group, a minibus will be a more suitable solution. A mini charter bus can accommodate up to 35 passengers, which makes it the perfect choice for transporting a wedding party or going to a festival, for instance.  It’s advisable that you have the exact number of passengers before you book a charter bus.

Rent a bus with driver and enjoy the perks

One of the greatest benefits of renting a charter bus for your trip is the number of benefits that it brings. There are numerous amenities that will make your travel more enjoyable and comfortable. Some of the basic perks of a charter bus include reclining seats, TV monitors, DVD players, air conditioning and a compact restroom. Choosing this transportation vehicle will undoubtedly bring you a higher level of comfort and convenience than traveling by public transport.

Ask for additional requirements

Should you have any special needs, you should inquire whether a transportation company can accommodate them. For instance, if you want to bring food, drinks or alcoholic beverages, you should check with the company first. Keep in mind that certain items, such as weapons, flammable materials and hazardous chemicals are typically prohibited. Also, if you need a wheelchair accessible bus, you should discuss this requirement before booking a charter bus.

Rent a bus with driver from AZ Limo and have a blast!

AZLIMO.COM knows that transportation can either make or break your traveling experience. Regardless of the occasion, we’re your go-to transportation service! Whether you’re going on a casual outing or a big adventure, you should start it by calling us and booking a cozy charter bus. Afterwards, your traveling adventure can start with a bang in one of the most comfortable buses we can offer! AZ Limo will go above and beyond to ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch and with the ultimate level of comfort and excitement. You just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure you get it!

Should I Hire a Shuttle or a Party Bus?

party bus near meIf you agree with this statement: ‘Nothing like a party bus near me for a spectacular event!’, then you have our whole-hearted support. Hiring a transportation vehicle is one of the simplest ways of travelling, one that makes any special occasion all the more special. Whether you go for shuttle or party buses in Scottsdale, you don’t have to worry about being on the road all the time or getting around an unfamiliar city. You get to explore a beautiful area or party with friends, or both, while your driver takes care of the technicalities. However, just browsing won’t do – you need to research your options and get the one with the very best features. This article will hopefully help you choose between a shuttle and a party bus.

Understanding the difference

Regardless of your group’s size, choosing between a shuttle and a party bus is easy once you understand the difference and see what each of these vehicles has to offer. When it comes to a shuttle, the modern type is far more comfortable and enjoyable than the old ones used to be. A shuttle offers cozy coach-style seating arrangements and big windows to enjoy the surrounding vistas. Party buses are definitely more extravagant, with a limousine-inspired interior designed for partying.

What a party bus near me can offer

What does going for a party bus near me mean? It means going for a ride to remember! Excitement and adventure are what party buses are all about. You get to explore various regions while having fun on the road with your fellow travellers. Furthermore, party buses are a great choice for an upcoming special event, such as a pre-wedding event, a birthday party or a concert.

What are the benefits of a shuttle?

As for a shuttle, it will provide you with a slightly different experience. Comfort and fun are still guaranteed, but this type of vehicle is more suitable for casual events or getting from one place to another. For instance, a shuttle is a terrific way to transport your guests to a wedding venue while a party bus is awesome for the bride and groom to get into the groove. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in a shuttle since they are typically equipped with a sound system and you are allowed to bring your beverages.

Budget matters, too

Your budget is likely one of the factors that will affect your decision the most. Generally, hiring a shuttle is more cost-effective than renting a party bus. However, this all depends on how you’re planning to pay for the desired transportation vehicle. If you and your friends decide to split the bill for a party bus, this can be quite an economical option. Nonetheless, before making up your mind, you should discuss a payment method with your friends.

The more, the merrier… or is it?

The number of passengers is another important factor to consider when choosing a transportation vehicle. If you’re travelling with a larger group, a shuttle may be more appropriate since it can accommodate up to 32 passengers. However, party buses also come in various sizes, with some of them being able to take in as many as 40 people.

Both a shuttle and a party bus have a lot to offer, so take some time to find out which one will best cater to your needs.

I want a party bus near me and AZ Limo is the #1 limo service that has just what I need!

We offer a range of options that will suit any preference or lifestyle. Whether you want to make a splash with your birthday party guests or host a family gathering in the countryside, AZ Limo’s got you covered. Just shoot us a call so your special occasion can start off with a bang!

Reasons to Rent a Party Bus

party bus AZ pricesExploring a certain region isn’t only about reaching the destination itself, but also about enjoying the extraordinary experience of travelling. A great way to transform your trip into nothing short of an exciting adventure is to opt for a party bus. By renting a Scottsdale party bus, you can explore the region in a truly luxurious fashion, making your journey unforgettable! So, if you are curious about fabulous party bus AZ prices and other details so you’d hire one for your next big adventure, here are all the perks.

Affordability of party bus AZ prices for a shared trip

Affordability is one of the most important advantages of renting a party bus instead of buying a ticket for a regular one or travelling by car. You can share both your adventure and the cost with your friends or colleagues, whether you’re traveling with a select few or a whole bunch of people. This economical solution will allow you to save a few bucks and spend them on the things you actually enjoy, not transportation which is a necessity.

Comfort in a stylish environment

Why spend hours trying to find a suitable position in an overcrowded car or a regular bus when you can enjoy yourself in a bus that’s comfortable and spacious, not to mention chic? You get utter comfort and exquisite style at reasonable party bus AZ prices, so you and your friends can get the most out of the trip, feeling cosy, comfortable and in high spirits. What’s more, these buses feature an interior that puts any other to shame, boasting luxurious leather seats, party-inspired lighting and even a bar!

Convenient travelling

You and your friends won’t have to worry about whose turn it is to drive because a party bus comes with an experienced chauffeur! You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while admiring the surrounding scenery and attractions. With a party bus, you also won’t have to worry about picking up all the passengers since your transportation vehicle will show up at the agreed location and at the agreed time. Another perk of party buses is that they are appropriate for various events, from concerts and cocktail events to birthday parties and pre-wedding celebrations.

Party on the road

The party bus bears its name for a reason – it will provide you with an opportunity to take the party with you. By hiring a party bus, you get a party-oriented vehicle with all the trimmings, including an awesome lightshow and a high-tech sound system.

Besides, instead of being exhausted from travelling, you can start celebrating your special occasion with your friends while still on the road. This will make your shared adventure start off with a bang, putting you all in a great mood.

Supplies on board

The list of reason for hiring a party bus goes on and on! One of them is that you get to bring your own supplies on board so you don’t even have to make stops along the way. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without stocking up on snacks, appetizers and drinks beforehand. You can even use your own decorations to make the party feel more personal.

Party bus AZ prices – a small price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

By opting for an AZ Limo party bus rather than a regular transportation vehicle, you’re opting for an experience of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the perks, but also get the party started as soon as you get together and keep it going until the very end! Get in touch with us today and let’s get that party started!