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A Complete Guide to Charter Bus Rentals

charter bus near meAre you scheduling a business trip or students’ excursion, or simply planning a tour with your friends? Without a doubt, a Phoenix charter bus will prove to be the number one comfortable, efficient and safe choice for your group. On a charter bus, your group will enjoy all the perks of being on the road together, and ditch all the concerns about group members getting lost, not having enough sleep during the night drive because of the uncomfortable seats, or luggage being misplaced. Arizona residents, tourists and students no longer ask the question: “Where to find a charter bus near me?” – they already know.

What is a charter bus?

A charter bus is a beforehand-reserved vehicle for the private use, driven by a professional and experienced driver, who is in charge of the passengers’ safety. A charter bus route is specified by the group that’s making a trip. When opting for one of AZLIMO.COM vehicles, two options for your itinerary are available: Shuttle option (your group is safely transported to the desired location, and after the trip or event, driven back home) or Pick&Drop option (a package that includes your group’s transportation to the desired location, after which the driver comes back to the office).

What conveniences can a charter bus offer?

Depending on a service provider, charter buses can have some very high-end amenities. Our fully air-conditioned charter buses, equipped to take in up to 55 passengers, offer a variety of add-ons like tinted windows, newspapers, overhead storage bins, bottled water and food upon request, as well as DVD/CD players and LCD TV screens.
If you travel in a smaller group, but want even more space and convenience, make sure to also check out our Executive Coach and Party Bus offers.

Sleep comfortably on a charter bus

Many people have bad experiences with overnight travels. Having your good night’s sleep on mind, we made sure to equip our charter buses with special sleeper seats which allow a bed-recline mode, to ensure that you feel rested and fresh the morning after. “Should a reliable charter bus near me be ready to offer this service?” Definitely so. If you don’t get enough rest, you will miss the energy you need to fully experience your travel and time with the group.

What about the storage space?

Charter buses can take up a lot of luggage, both in overhead storage bins and in luggage bays under the bus. This is especially important for the groups that take longer trips. We are particularly proud of our extended luggage storage in the 4-division boot space, ready to take in all your necessities for the road.

How much does a charter bus rental cost?

A price for a charter bus rental is formed taking in concern several parameters, like the itinerary length (mileage), the duration of the trip, whether you choose options like Shuttle or Pick&Drop, and similar. Contact your service provider to get precise information, and start planning your trip!

Where to find the best charter bus near me?

or any of you wondering “How to make sure I chose the best charter bus near me that offers all the comfort and safety my group needs?”, AZLIMO.COM charter buses are the answer. Whether you are planning a relaxing group holiday or a high-profile corporate travel, we got you covered, refreshed, and ultimately satisfied. Our professional team, top-notch equipment and technology, and an impeccable safety record make us stand out among others. Call us today, and find out how enjoyable, first-class transportation feels like!


How to Maximize Your Corporate Travel

charter bus rental pricesThere is no doubt that 2018 has already proven to be the year of a significant turn from the traditional view on business transportation. Rather than choosing plane transport or company vehicles, more and more companies turn to a new reliable and cost-efficient solution: booking vehicles from private transportation services. For Arizona business owners, renting a corporate bus charter in Phoenix steadily becomes a natural choice when it comes to corporate trips. Charter bus rental prices are becoming more and more accessible as well, so this is a very logical outcome.

The human factor

What troubles have companies had with “traditional” means of corporate transportation that made them look for alternative options?
The corporations that sent out employees to drive themselves to the location of a meeting or event felt how the human factor troubles may look. People get tired of driving, don’t get enough time to mentally prepare before the event or meeting, groups get disbanded in a new town as some people get lost and cannot find the venue… The list goes on. Becoming aware that this solution isn’t very practical, companies started hiring drivers for separate vehicles, but this solution, although more practical, wasn’t very economical.

The non-human factor

Another traditional corporate transportation choice (especially for longer itineraries) is a plane. The trip lasts shorter, employees can rest during the flight, and even prepare for the event along the way.

Why should trouble alert be on if everyone is meeting at the airport? Here comes the non-human factor. Sometimes people get stuck in the traffic on the way or have trouble finding the place to park, coming too late to board on the plane. There are also other risks: the flights can get delayed or canceled due to technical reasons or non-favorable weather conditions.

Cutting down costs

One more reason why corporations chose to make a change in means of transportations is a desire to cut down unnecessary travel costs, such as costs of booking several tickets, paying for gas, highway tolls and the variety of fees that have to be taken care of along the way.

Time is money – spend both wisely

Apart from the fact that charter bus rental prices are becoming very favorable, what are the main advantages charter bus transportation offers when it comes to group business trips?

  1. A company gets to choose top-quality, reliable vehicle for a group, equipped with top-notch technology;
    2. The package includes the services of professional, experienced chauffeurs, who look after passengers’ safety;
    3. Charter buses and executive coaches offer a lot of amenities to accommodate the passengers. This allows them to fully relax and get to the location ready to rock the meetings and presentations;
    4. All your employees will be hands-free in one comfortable vehicle. This means they can concentrate and prepare during the trip. As there are no other passengers around them, they can even talk and brainstorm on the way. Basically, they get their own conference room on the go;
    5. After the meeting or corporate event, a charter bus can be ready and waiting to pick the group members up right in front of the venue, to get them home comfortably and safely.

Wondering about charter bus rental prices? Contact #1 transportation service provider in Phoenix, Arizona

AZLIMO.COM is a top-rated transportation company in Arizona. Companies choose us for our uncompromised professionalism and dedication to excellence, as they recognize our vehicle quality, high-end amenities and competitive charter bus rental prices. With AZLIMO.COM, all you have to worry about is the quality of your presentation – we will take care of the rest.


Essential Tips for Traveling with a Big Group

Group travel -charter bus companiesAre you getting ready for your first group trip? Just like with any other travel, first you make a travel checklist. You book your accommodation, create your travel itinerary, and think about the best transportation for your group. This is where charter buses Phoenix Arizona come in! Charter bus companies will see to it that you travel in comfort and luxury. But this is only half the battle.

Unlike traveling alone or with a single companion, traveling with a group has its own inner working. It’s as they say, “the more the merrier”, but touring with several people means you’ll have to work with different personalities, hear a lot of opinions and try to accommodate different priorities.

Here are a few important tips to make sure your group trip is memorable and fun for everybody!

Inquire about charter bus companies

As a group will need a substantial vehicle to travel comfortably, opt for charter bus companies. Choose AZLIMO.COM charter bus which suits your travel party needs, relax, and enjoy a safe and cozy ride to your destination. Charter bus companies are a great choice for transporting groups. They help you avoid renting several cars and having trouble parking, looking for local buses or hitchhiking, which is difficult to organize when you travel in a group.

Prepare everything you can before your adventure begins

After choosing the best ride among available charter bus companies, take care of all things you can do before boarding. Find and book accommodation(s), make a list of places and sights you’d like to visit, check if any group discounts are available, make a rough tour schedule, prepare a basic “health kit” (pain medications, sunburn remedies, nausea pills, etc.).

Determine road trip roles and assignments

The best way to keep a trip organized and fun for everyone is to have each person responsible for a task, rather than having a one-person-does-it-all approach. One person can keep the passports and other documents, other can schedule check-ins and visitations, another one can make plans for nights out, etc. Experienced drivers working for charter bus companies can also be your guides, or you can choose a person from the group to follow the maps and be the tour guide.

Separate yourself from the group

No matter how close the members of a group are, everyone has their own wishes and interests. Everybody can use some time for individual strolls and explorations, so it is perfectly natural to break up the group sometimes. Agree on how long you are going to be separated, choose the common meeting spot, and feel free to investigate the destination at your own pace.

Stay patient and flexible

Group trips can (and should) be lots of fun and laughs, but in certain moments, sparks can fly. Remember to stay patient and flexible, and your fellow travelers will surely appreciate that. An additional tip you will definitely find useful: Never make decisions or get into arguments when you are hungry or tired. Always keep some snacks and a bottle of water near you.

Time to bring you home safely!

If you follow these guidelines, your group travel will surely be a success! When the adventure is over, pack up your passports and your luggage, and let charter bus companies be there to bring you home safely. Contact AZLIMO.COM today and we will take care of your ride – all you have to worry about is coming home rested, “recharged” and richer with some new, wonderful memories.

FAQs about Spring Training in Arizona

basebal player - MLB spring training locationsEach year in February and March, gloves pop, bats crack and grass is freshly cut – the time comes for 15 MLB teams to warm up before the regular season. It gets crowded in Phoenix, Arizona when thousands of baseball fans heat up exhibition games in ten MLB spring training locations. Spring training limousine services are there to help them reach their destination!

With a number of Cactus League stadiums, it can be a tough call to choose which ones you will visit. Most likely, you will hit those where your favorite MLB teams are playing. If you plan to travel to Arizona for an early peek, you probably have a lot of questions that are not limited to ballparks. We have the answers! It’s never too early to start preparing for the big games!

How and when can I buy spring training tickets?

You can purchase them online! Each team sells spring training tickets on their website. You can also access them through the Cactus League official website, where you can find links to all 15 MLB teams.

You can buy spring training tickets on, the official website of Major League Baseball, as well. Single-game tickets go on sale in December, while some MLB teams don’t release them until the beginning of January. If you want to watch popular teams, it’s best to buy your tickets ahead of time!

How much do tickets cost?

The price of spring training tickets depends on the ballpark, MLB team, location of your seats, as well as time of day and day of the week. They range from as little as $8 for lawn seating on a weekday (in the afternoon) to $80, and more, for prime seating at a weekday in the most popular MLB spring training locations.

If spring training is your priority, you’d rather go for one of the seats just behind home plate at Scottsdale Stadium and have a great view of the action than sit on the berm. Die-hard fans are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for the hottest tickets to watch popular MLB teams like the Giants or the Cubs.

Are spring training practices open to the public?

Yes, they are, and they are free! The biggest spring training fans don’t want to just watch the ballgame; they want to be as close as possible to the players and see them training as well! Most MLB teams workout on practice fields and not their ballparks.

Although the starting times may vary on a daily basis, spring training practices typically begin at 9.30 a.m. These are not fan-oriented activities so there is limited seating and plenty of standing and soaking in the sun. But that doesn’t stop hundreds of people to have fun in each and every one of MLB spring training locations!

Hit MLB spring training locations with premier limo service in Phoenix, AZ

Are you eager to experience one of baseball’s greatest traditions and see your favorite teams play? Hire AZLIMO.COM to lead the way! We are your reliable limo service in Phoenix, AZ, offering first-class transportation to suit your every need.

Book our services and start planning your spring training adventure in Arizona – today! Whatever MLB spring training locations you wish to visit, AZLIMO.COM can take you there!