3 Memorable Limo Scenes

1. PRETTY WOMAN: There a lot of great chick flicks out there, but there are few that pull at the strings of the heart like the one that made Julia Roberts a household name, Pretty Woman. The film follows Richard Gere, who plays a super rich businessman, as he follows in love with Vivian, a young escort, played by a very young but equally wide-grinned Julia Roberts. There are actually a few limo scenes in the film (since it appears that that’s all Gere’s character likes to travel around in), but the most memorable scene comes at the film’s end when Gere, his white chauffeured limousine, and a bouquet of red roses swoop in to deliver a proclamation of love that Roberts simply cannot deny.

2. HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK: In Home Alone 2, a precocious Macaulay Culkin finds himself spending another Christmas alone without adult supervision. In a misguided effort to reunite with his family, the abandoned Macaulay flies to New York City with his father’s credit card and cash in tow. Once in the Big Apple, Macaulay convinces the staff at the Plaza Hotel to give him a room and on Christmas Eve, he manages to get the hotel staff to arrange for a limo to chauffeur him around the city. The kid sure is crafty.

3. DUMB & DUMBER. In this comedy classic, two dimwitted best friends anger, annoy, and confuse almost every person they come into contact with over the 113-minute running time. The memorable limo scene comes right at the film’s opening where Jim Carrey’s character, Lloyd Christmas, stops to ask a pedestrian for directions.