How To Make the Most of Your Charter Bus Rental

Are charter buses comfortable

There’s no better way to transport a large group of people directly to a location than by using a charter bus rental in Scottsdale. Every other form of transportation either requires carpooling, costs a lot more, or forces you to use taxis or rent-a-cars to get you from the airport or train station to your destination.

In the following article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about charter buses and explain why they should be the #1 choice for any group trips you may be organizing. Keep reading to learn more. 

Are charter buses comfortable?

And how! Modern charter buses are designed to be as comfortable as airplanes, if not more so. Unlike airplanes, they also have the advantage of being able to make stops to allow you to stretch your legs or visit famous locations such as the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Finally, charter buses deliver you straight to your destination, or as close as a bus can get. This ensures your passengers don’t have to deal with any hassle and can simply sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Features you can find in modern charter buses include:

  • Flat screen monitors that allow you to watch movies while traveling.
  • Electrical outlets for charging your phone or laptop.
  • Tinted windows.
  • CD/DVD players (just remember to bring an USB drive with your favorite music on it).
  • Extended space for luggage.
  • Various amenities (newspapers, bottled water, snacks, etc.).

How safe are charter buses?

Buses that meet the relevant vehicle standards are possibly the safest mode of transportation available in the United States. They’re large, sturdily built, and the passenger seats are placed at an elevation, which makes it virtually impossible for a passenger to be hurt in a roadside accident. 

In fact, charter buses are so safe that it took NHTSA almost four decades to pass the law that requires all charter buses built after 2016 to have seat belts. Bus-related accidents are so rare that seat belts simply weren’t a priority. 

What should I wear on a long bus ride?

This depends on where you’re going and what time of year it is. As a rule of thumb, you should wear comfortable clothes (sweatpants, broad shirt, and light sneakers), but also have a jumper or a sweatshirt at hand in case it gets colder.

Other must-have items for long bus rides include:

  • Headphones or earbuds, so you can listen to music without disturbing other passengers.
  • Sandwiches, snacks, and bottled water.
  • A travel pillow and an eye mask to help you sleep.
  • A quality book or a couple magazines.

Where is the best place to sit on a charter bus?

There’s no such thing as the “best seat” in a cutting-edge charter bus. Quality buses are designed to offer a high level of comfort and plenty of leg space no matter where you may be seated. 

In other words, it’s completely up to you and your fellow passengers to decide where you prefer to sit. Some people enjoy sitting up front and watching the road ahead as they travel, while others prefer to sit in the very last row and enjoy the company of their friends or colleagues. 

Where can I find the top charter bus rental in Scottsdale and nearby communities?

How safe are charter buses

Unless you’re crossing the ocean, you can’t go wrong by renting a charter bus. As the leading private transportation company in Scottsdale and the rest of Arizona, AZ Limo can offer you both the most modern charter buses and the very finest chauffeurs in America.

Book your ride today or get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about our service. 

How To Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How do you maintain hygiene when traveling

With everything that’s happening in the world these days, it’s no surprise that many Americans have decided to delay their trips. However, some people aren’t able to or don’t want to stay at home, and need to look for other ways to travel safely during the coronavirus outbreak.

While the best way to ensure you and your group arrive at your destination without coming into contact with an infected person is to rent a charter bus in Scottsdale, AZ, it’s far from the only thing you can do to keep yourself germ-free during a long trip. Read on to learn more. 

How do you maintain hygiene when traveling?

First off, it’s important to remember that certain groups of people are more at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus and experiencing life-threatening symptoms. Furthermore, some countries have reported a much greater rate of infection than the rest of the world.

Consider the following:

  • Elderly people are at a higher risk of contracting the virus and experiencing serious complications, with individuals over 80 getting hit the hardest. For this reason, seniors are advised to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. 
  • Underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, and so on, make an individual extra-vulnerable to COVID-19. If you’re suffering from a similar condition, consider postponing your trip.
  • Some countries, such as Italy, South Korea, and Iran, have a much higher number of sick people than other parts of the world. Visiting these countries greatly increases your chance of coming into contact with the disease. 

How can I travel germ free?

The first step to a safe trip is to ensure you’re traveling with people who aren’t sick and who are as serious about staying healthy as you are. Everyone in your group needs to be aware of the risks and how to minimize them. 

With that in mind, do the following:

Maintain good personal hygiene

Rinse your hands with warm water and soap for 20-30 seconds whenever you can. Wear disposable gloves and a face mask, and refrain from touching your face. Have antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer on you at all times.

Keep a safe distance

Stay at least six feet away from strangers, especially if they’re sneezing, coughing, or displaying other flu-like symptoms. Avoid crowded places such as cafes, malls, and public transportation. For example, if you’re staying at the Hotel Valley Ho, have them bring your meals to your room. 

Avoid risky areas

Some public surfaces are extra likely to become contaminated. These include toilets, benches, handles, doorknobs, tables, faucets, elevator buttons, handrails, coffee and water machines, and so on. If you have to touch these surfaces, make sure to wash your hands afterward or wear gloves. 

Choose quality transportation

Whether you’re booking a charter bus or a limo ride, you need to make sure that your private transportation company of choice is devoted to keeping its clients safe and comfortable. For this reason, you should always use a reputable transportation company with numerous positive ratings. 

Where can I rent a quality charter bus in Scottsdale, AZ?

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your group, you should never settle for anything less than the best. Take a moment to look at what a transportation company offers and to make sure they have a great track record. 

How can I travel germ free

A world-class transportation service must hire only highly trained and seasoned chauffeurs who know the area like the back of their hands. Furthemore, it must have a fleet of modern and well-maintained vehicles that cater to different needs and group sizes. Finally, it needs to have an easy-to-use online booking system. 

Here at AZ Limo, we have all that and more. Reach out to us today if you’d like to schedule a ride, or if you’d like to ask further questions about what we provide. 

What Are the Biggest Sporting Events in Phoenix?

What are some must-see sporting events in Phoenix

Few things in life are as exciting as attending an important sporting event. The feeling of seeing your favorite team go for the touchdown or the home run while thousands of your fellow fans cheer in unison is incredibly fun and memorable.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that countless sports fans from all walks of life will happily travel to a different city to watch their favorite team in action. In the following article, we’ll give you a list of sporting events in Phoenix that you definitely shouldn’t miss. 

Also, whether you’re into UFC, rodeos, or the Phoenix college football championship, hiring a car service is the most effective way to get you and your friends to a sporting event on time. Read on to learn why. 

What are some must-see sporting events in Phoenix?

In addition to being sunny all year long, Arizona has a huge number of gorgeous natural and manmade attractions that make it especially interesting to visitors. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Arizona is widely recognized as the mecca for US professional sports.

Don’t miss these huge sporting events:

  • Phoenix Suns and Mercury are unique because they own the all-time best winning percentage for an NBA team that has never won a championship. This gives them the strange advantage of being highly competent, while also remaining fun to cheer for because of their underdog status.
  • Waste Management Phoenix Open is Arizona’s finest golfing event. In addition to being frequented by some truly great players, this event also draws unusually raucous crowds (by golfing standards), which makes it immensely fun even if you’re a non-golfer.
  • Arizona Cardinals have been one of the most exciting teams in the NFL during the past few years. As the oldest active football team in the US, they have a long tradition and many victories under their belt. Their home stadium is the prestigious State Farm Stadium.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks are Arizona’s most famous baseball team. As the fastest expansion team in history to win the World Series, they have a passionate fanbase that makes their games extremely exciting to watch.
  • Fiesta Bowl is a legendary College Football event that offers fans just the perfect mix of high-end play and the more relaxed college football atmosphere. In fact, many fans prefer college football over the more professional leagues because they find it to be both rougher and more exciting. 
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship regularly holds its fight nights in Phoenix. If you’re a fan of the world’s most dangerous fighting sport, you should absolutely attend one of these events in the company of your friends and colleagues. 
  • Prescott Frontier Days & World’s Oldest Rodeo is the quintessential Wild West sporting event. With a tradition that dates back more than 13 decades, it’s the single best way to see the world’s finest cowgirls and cowboys in action. 
  • Arizona Coyotes are Arizona’s resident hockey virtuosos. In addition to its fast pace, hockey is an especially comfy game to watch because it gives you an opportunity to get out of the harsh Arizona sun and enjoy some top-notch air-conditioning.
Where can I hire a quality Phoenix college football championship car service

Where can I hire a quality Phoenix college football championship car service?

There’s nothing quite like attending a major sporting event in the company of your fellow fans. However, getting there can be problematic, especially if you’re traveling to another city or arranging transportation for a large group.This is where AZLIMO.COM comes in. As the premier transportation company in Arizona, we boast a team of seasoned chauffeurs and a fleet of cutting-edge vehicles that observe all the relevant safety regulations. Schedule your ride today using our modern online booking form.

What Are Some Must-See Sports Teams in Arizona?

What sports teams play in Phoenix

Ask most people in Arizona what they like to do for fun, and they’ll probably tell you they love to attend sporting events in Phoenix. We can’t say we’re surprised by that answer! Cheering for a beloved team during an important match can be an intensely fun and emotional experience.

This is especially true if you live in Phoenix. The city hosts huge sporting events every year, and boasts strong teams in all four major professional sports leagues in the US, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. 

In this article, we’ll list some of the most popular teams in Arizona. If you don’t know how you can attend these events, don’t worry. We’ll also explain how to use a car service in Phoenix to get to the college football championship or any other Arizona sporting event. Read on! 

What sports teams play in Phoenix?

Arizona is a major sporting event hub. We could write an entire book about its many different sporting teams and leagues, and we probably still wouldn’t be able to list them all. That being said, some teams definitely stand out from the rest.

These teams are:

  • Arizona Cardinals: this is a legendary American football team that competes in the National Football League. Founded in 1898, the Cardinals have the honor of being the oldest active professional football team in the country. Their list of notable victories includes two league championships, seven division championships, and a conference championship.
  • Phoenix Suns: this hugely popular basketball team is based in, you guessed it, Phoenix. They started as an expansion team in 1968, and gradually fought their way into the NBA’s Western Conference Pacific Division. Their home is the Talking Stick Resort Arena
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: also known as the D-backs, this team in the MLB (Major League Baseball) is famous for beating the New York Yankees in 2001 and winning the World Series championship. Established in 1998, they also won a NL pennant, a Wild Card game, and five West division titles.
  • Arizona Rattlers: this team is an active member of the IFL (Indoor Football League). Founded in 1992, they’ve won a total of 10 division titles and won 1994, 1997, 2012, 2013, and 2014 championships. During their first season in the IFL, they also won the 2017 United Bowl. 
  • Sporting AZ FC: this is one of the most popular soccer teams in Phoenix. They’re also famous for changing their name a lot. Founded as Phoenix Hearts in 1989, they were since renamed four times, first to Arizona Cotton in 1992, then to Arizona Phoenix in 1996, then to Arizona Sahuaros in 1997, and finally to Sporting AZ FC in 2016. 
  • Arizona Coyotes: this professional hockey team competes in the NHL’s Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Established at the tail end of 1971 as the Winnipeg Jets, they were first renamed to Phoenix Coyotes in 1996, and then re-renamed to Arizona Coyotes in 2014. They won the division championship of 2011-2012.
What's the best college football championship car service

What’s the best college football championship car service Phoenix can offer?

Attending a sporting event is a great way to have fun with your friends, family, and coworkers. However, the logistics of getting there can be problematic, especially if you’re traveling with a bunch of fellow sports fans.

AZLIMO.COM is here to help. We’re a top-notch transportation company that specializes in transporting groups of all sizes to sporting events. Every vehicle in our fleet has passed all the relevant inspections in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort during your ride. 

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to schedule a ride, or learn more about the unique advantages we provide.