Charter Bus Rental Tips

Tips to rent Scottsdale charter bus

If you are organizing a business trip or tour for a large group, Scottsdale charter bus is an excellent way to go. A charter bus is a comfortable and relaxed way to provide transport for a large group. Passengers can sightsee and converse with one another or just spend time alone reading a book or sleeping while on transit. However, to ensure this part of your planning goes smoothly, we have outlined some helpful tips to help you choose a charter bus in Scottsdale for your group’s travel.

Safety first

There are many car rental companies that offer charter bus services. However, when selecting a charter bus or limo rental in Scottsdale, safety should be your primary concern. Take time to inquire about the company’s safety record. You can obtain this information from the U.S Department of Transportation without encountering any hurdles. You can also check the company’s history on Google. Search for information about the company’s record, including past accidents, safety violations, and driver citations.

Ask for the company’s licensing and insurance information. Ensure the company has proper insurance coverage and that they meet their state’s licensing requirements. Do not rent a company with expired paperwork. This only goes to show that the company is not concerned about meeting standards.

Ask about driving restrictions

The Department of Transportation has strict guidelines on the number of hours a bus driver can operate. If you are taking an 8-hour trip, one driver is ok. However, if your chartered bus will be used for longer trips, the company should provide a relief driver.

Make inquiries on the equipment

Various vehicles fall under the description of a charter bus including sprinter vans, shuttle buses, and motor coaches. Before signing any contract forms, find out as much as you can about the vehicle.

Some charter buses carry between 40 and 60 passengers whereas smaller ones about 14 to 29. To avoid last-minute disappointment or discomfort, make sure you ask about the size, age, and condition of the vehicle you are renting.

Onboard amenities

Charter bus in Scottsdale offers its passengers a plethora of amenities. This includes reclining seats, sound systems, personal dimming lights and TVs among other things. However, these amenities vary from bus to bus depending on size and style. Inquire about the facilities offered by the bus you will choose.

Confirm charter bus rates

Some charter bus rental companies may sneak in hidden charges. When searching for the best charter bus and limo service in Scottsdale, ask about their rates (hourly, weekly and monthly) and everything that is included in the costs. Find out if any extra charges or services cost more than others. Inquire about what those additional services are, even if you do not plan to use them, so that you stay versed on the company’s charging system. Also, do not forget to inquire about their cancellation policy before paying for their services.

AZ Limo: the leading Scottsdale charter bus service

Take your time to do a little bit of research and ask questions before you sign any contract for Scottsdale charter bus services. And don’t hesitate to contact AZ Limo to find out more about our offer! We pride ourselves on the skill of our drivers, the comfort and variety of our fleet and on our stellar customer service support. Give us a call today!