Why You Should Hire a Limousine on New Year’s Eve

black limo - limo service ScottsdaleIn a time when one year is ending and another one is approaching, we reflect on/upon the choices we’ve made, make a list of things we wish to do and achieve, and spend time with our loved ones. New Year’s Eve is also a time for celebrations and we want it to be special, a night we will never forget. We plan our night out with our family, friends, and colleagues or a romantic evening with your special someone. Just like in life, it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey so start your night right with the best limo service Scottsdale can offer!

Whether you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve in a bar, hotel or a club or want to go to a concert, an elegant dinner party and wine tasting, find out why renting a limousine is the number one choice for luxury transportation for any event!

Safety comes first

New Year’s Eve is the night when we feel particularly festive and tend to embrace the new year with a bit more than a couple of drinks. However, it is never okay to drink and drive.

Renting a limousine gives you the chance to indulge yourself and have a blast without worrying how you’ll get home when the night is over. New Year’s celebrations increase drunk-driving risks and accidents, making this night one of the most dangerous holidays of the year.

A reliable limo service Scottsdale will allow you and your friends to relax and enjoy yourselves without having to drive. You’ll avoid the hassle of driving and finding a parking spot. You can spend your night carefree and arrive home safely.

Even If you haven’t had anything to drink, safety should be your main concern. Rest assured your professional and experienced chauffeurs will get you to your destination, successfully managing all the risks.

Party on wheels, arrive in stylefriends chatting in a limo - limo service Scottsdale

Start celebrating the minute you leave your home! No matter what your plans for the night are, with your trusted limo service in Scottsdale, you can start your party as soon as you set off. You won’t have to deal with navigation and worry about the traffic.

The best of all, you’ll arrive at that special place in style, comfort, and elegance. A limousine will put you in a party mood before you even reach the planned destination.

Get dressed up, enjoy in a five-star limo service, and let courteous professional chauffeurs accommodate your transportation needs.

Ride with your crew

Make the last night of the year unforgettable with friends by your side. Bring them along for the ride. It’s much more amusing and practical than arriving at the party separately.

Get together with your loved ones and keep the fun rolling right from the beginning of the evening. Share the ride, along with joy and happiness. You can use this time to remember great moments and memories you created the past year. A limo will also wow your special someone if you’re planning a romantic night out.

It’s cost-effective

Hiring a limo service Scottsdale is less expensive than paying legal fees and fines for DUI. Besides avoiding a potential lawsuit, you won’t have to pay for fuel or think about parking. Hire a private chauffeur for the night, share your ride with friends and you can split the costs, as well.

Hire first-class limo service Scottsdale

If you’re looking for the number one limo service in Arizona, book your reservation at AZLIMO.COM. We guarantee you a reliable, convenient and extraordinary experience. Check out our fleet of luxurious vehicles that can meet any transportation needs. Our professional chauffeurs with ample experience and knowledge will get you anywhere you want so that you can spend your special night just like you imagined. Start your adventure and the new year hassle-free with AZLIMO.COM!

Explore Red Rock Country with Your Scottsdale Limo Service, Part 2

cathedral rock in sedona - scottsdale limo serviceIn our previous article, you could read about some of the wonders of Red Rock Country that could inspire your next road trip. You can explore these amazing places that Sedona and Colorado Plateau hide – behind the wheel of a car! If you’re looking to hire a Scottsdale limo service to start your unique journey, wait a little bit longer. Here are a few more things you may want to put on your bucket list.

Amazing wineries

If you are a wine enthusiast, you’ll find joy in Sedona’s nearby vineyards and tasting rooms. Sedona and surrounding cities Page Springs and Cornville are the heart of Arizona’s wine industry. Dry, hot summers and rich volcanic soil are perfect for grape like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Merlot.

On your driving tour, you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to taste some of the country’s finest wines that could compete with any Napa white. Unwind at one of the local wineries to sample some wine and cheese and visit some of the wine bars known for their great ambiance.

Ancient American Heritage

A short drive away from Sedona, you’ll find 700-year-old Honanki Indian ruins, one of the biggest prehistoric pueblos in the Verde Valley. There you’ll discover ancient cliff dwellings, marvelous rock art and pictographs on the cliff walls.

Along with its sister site Palatki, the Honanki Heritage Site is one of the best-persevered Sinagua Indian ruins in Sedona. Both sit in the Coconino National Forest, approximately 15 miles west of Sedona.

Tuzigoot pueblo was the largest Sinaguan complex in the Verde Valley. The walls of more than a hundred rooms were built from limestone and sandstone from the area.

The monument occupies an area of 1.3 square miles. It is located near the towns of Clarkdale and Cottonwood. There tourists can see the remains of a few pit houses and petroglyphs, signs of the people who lived in the Verde Valley one thousand years ago.

montezuma castle - scottsdale limo service

If you’re interested in ancient history, keep unraveling the mysteries of Native Americans by visiting Montezuma Castle National Monument, as another part of the legacy of the Sinagua culture. The structure can only be reached by ladder and although visitors are not permitted to go inside anymore, you can admire it from below.

Only 11 miles away is Montezuma’s Well, along with an early irrigation network and other ruins. These sites are located off I-17 in Rimrock and Camp Verde.

Local art and culture

Immerse yourself in Sedona’s unique art by visiting the Sedona Art Museum or one of the local art galleries, festivals and cultural events. Sedona Plein Air Festival is a week-long celebration of world-renowned artists and spectacular landscapes, organized by the Sedona Arts Center.

Every October, during the festival, various workshops and events give tourists and locals a chance to get creative and enjoy numerous lectures, receptions, and exhibitions.

Travel safe with your trusted Scottsdale limo service

See the amazing Sedona and the Grand Canyon in grand style and comfort that your reliable Scottsdale limo service can provide. Whether you want to indulge in a glass of wine or explore ancient ruins, AZ Limo is your way to get there.

Our experienced and knowledgeable chauffeurs can take you on your next road trip to help make it even more memorable. We have the vehicle that suits your needs, wishes and budget. Call us today at 1 (480) 635-887 or contact us online for a free quote!


Explore Red Rock Country with Your Trusted Limo Service Chandler AZ, Part 1

road in the desert - limo service chandler azThis is the perfect time of the year to explore Arizona and enjoy the wonders of Red Rock Country – by car! Seeking limo service in Chandler, AZ is one of the first steps to give yourself and your loved ones a one-of-a-kind, personalized tour and check out one of the finest vistas in Sedona and the Grand Canyon you will never forget.

If you love deserts and slot canyons and have an adventurous spirit, it’s time to start planning your next road trip! Read on to find out some of the things Red Rock Country has to offer.

Magnificent scenery

Choose a car that fits your needs and start your driving adventure from Sedona. There you will see some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes.

The town is nestled among a true geological wonderland, at the southern escarpment of the Colorado Plateau. It will inspire you with stunning scenery and mesmerizing views of red rocks and mesas covered in lush vegetation.

Climb up the Colorado Plateau. As you ascend 2000 feet above the town, you will be stunned by Sedona’s scenic beauty. Colorado Plateau is a vibrant mix of deserts and forests, with the Grand Canyon as its most famous place and Arizona’s most distinguishable landmark.

Every year, four and a half million tourists come to enjoy the remarkable geology of the Grand Canyon, seeking serenity and outdoor recreation. Unsurpassed beauty, colorful landscape and its overwhelming size make Grand Canyon National Park a hugely popular destination.

Thrilling adventure

Travel the bouncy jeep tracks, trails and byways to experience Sedona and its alluring surroundings. If you’re in for a true off-road adventure, get rugged on one of the extreme tracks and overcome challenging obstacles while enjoying red rock canyons. Drive through the high desert terrain in your SUV or take an adventure down the Verde River in a Ducky Kayak.

Peace of mind

Regarded by Native Americans as sacred, Sedona keeps being recognized as a place of healing. It is known for its vortexes, which attract people from all over the world to come to find balance, renewal and spiritual direction. An energy vortex is believed to be an intersection of natural electromagnetic energy and a potent transformational energy center.

People who visit Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon report feeling the great concentration of energy. These four best-known vortexes are believed to encourage healing, and facilitate prayer and meditation.

Explore Red Rock Country with #1 limo service Chandler AZ

These are just a few reasons to take an adventurous jeep tour and experience the fascinating wonders of Sedona and its surrounding wilderness areas. In our next article, you can read some more.

Then you can explore ancient ruins, canyons and forest lakes with the assistance of AZ Limo, a limo service Chandler AZ you can trust. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose a vehicle from our fleet that fits your needs, requirements, and your budget.

You can have your own private tour with our most experienced chauffeurs. They are knowledgeable of the area and its landmarks and will go above and beyond to make your Arizona limo tour unforgettable. For a free quote, reach us at 1 (480) 635-887 or contact us online!

Charter Bus Rental Tips

Tips to rent Scottsdale charter bus

If you are organizing a business trip or tour for a large group, Scottsdale charter bus is an excellent way to go. A charter bus is a comfortable and relaxed way to provide transport for a large group. Passengers can sightsee and converse with one another or just spend time alone reading a book or sleeping while on transit. However, to ensure this part of your planning goes smoothly, we have outlined some helpful tips to help you choose a charter bus in Scottsdale for your group’s travel.

Safety first

There are many car rental companies that offer charter bus services. However, when selecting a charter bus or limo rental in Scottsdale, safety should be your primary concern. Take time to inquire about the company’s safety record. You can obtain this information from the U.S Department of Transportation without encountering any hurdles. You can also check the company’s history on Google. Search for information about the company’s record, including past accidents, safety violations, and driver citations.

Ask for the company’s licensing and insurance information. Ensure the company has proper insurance coverage and that they meet their state’s licensing requirements. Do not rent a company with expired paperwork. This only goes to show that the company is not concerned about meeting standards.

Ask about driving restrictions

The Department of Transportation has strict guidelines on the number of hours a bus driver can operate. If you are taking an 8-hour trip, one driver is ok. However, if your chartered bus will be used for longer trips, the company should provide a relief driver.

Make inquiries on the equipment

Various vehicles fall under the description of a charter bus including sprinter vans, shuttle buses, and motor coaches. Before signing any contract forms, find out as much as you can about the vehicle.

Some charter buses carry between 40 and 60 passengers whereas smaller ones about 14 to 29. To avoid last-minute disappointment or discomfort, make sure you ask about the size, age, and condition of the vehicle you are renting.

Onboard amenities

Charter bus in Scottsdale offers its passengers a plethora of amenities. This includes reclining seats, sound systems, personal dimming lights and TVs among other things. However, these amenities vary from bus to bus depending on size and style. Inquire about the facilities offered by the bus you will choose.

Confirm charter bus rates

Some charter bus rental companies may sneak in hidden charges. When searching for the best charter bus and limo service in Scottsdale, ask about their rates (hourly, weekly and monthly) and everything that is included in the costs. Find out if any extra charges or services cost more than others. Inquire about what those additional services are, even if you do not plan to use them, so that you stay versed on the company’s charging system. Also, do not forget to inquire about their cancellation policy before paying for their services.

AZ Limo: the leading Scottsdale charter bus service

Take your time to do a little bit of research and ask questions before you sign any contract for Scottsdale charter bus services. And don’t hesitate to contact AZ Limo to find out more about our offer! We pride ourselves on the skill of our drivers, the comfort and variety of our fleet and on our stellar customer service support. Give us a call today!